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"Disappointed by those inadequate generic kits that only offer frustration and inferior quality?" There is a new choice - Make a change and STEP UP to a RMH Hydraulic Kit!

"Why purchase or switch to a RMH Hydraulic Kit?" Because, the product speaks for itself.

"There is a reason why our competitors do not clearly show their actual finished product in the field, in advertisements, or on their websites. Take a look. Make the judgment for yourself. They state that they have custom engineering, custom tubing, and custom instructions, but do not show it. We do. Let us show you the difference, and why you should choose RMH.

To view the comparison between industry-leading companies hydraulic kits, do this:

  • Pull up the Flash site - click here
  • Click on the "Compare" navigation button
  • Click on the "RMH vs. The Competition" button
  • Proceed through the comparison using the arrow in the bottom of the window.