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Avoid additional hammer damage by using only ESCO Corporation OEM parts and tools!

Rocky Mountain HydraTec, Inc. is the only authorized supplier of ESCO OEM hydraulic hammer parts and tools. We currently have a large supply of OEM parts and tools for all the ‘Eliminator’ hammer including the ES14, ES16, ES18, ES20, ES30, ES35, ES40, ES45, ES60, ES65, ES80 models, and ESCO hydraulic kits and ESCO pedestal packages.

ESCO Corporation contracted RMH to support the large population of ESCO hammers with both parts, tools and technical service. Maintenance and operation manuals are available for most models. Hammer, hammer parts, hammer tools and kit quote requests can be made via:
fax: (303) 774-7702, or
phone: (800) 448-3726

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