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    Types of Hydraulic Kits  

Uni-Directional Circuits (Single Acting): Hydraulic Circuit directs oil in one direction only, and returns oil back to filtering system and tank.
For Example:
Hammers / Breakers
Mowers / Sweepers
Vibratory Compactors

Bi-Directional Circuits (Double Acting): Hydraulic Circuit directs oil in both directions through a directional control valve. These circuits normally operate attachments with bi-directional cylinders.
For Example:
Augers / Crushers
Clamps / Thumbs
Drills / Pulverizers
Other / Multi Function

Dual Purpose (Multiple Function): Hydraulic Circuit can be changed between single acting and double acting with specialized valve control, thus allowing utilization of various attachments. Combine attachments that require both Single Acting and Double Acting flow.

Hydraulic kits available for these machines, as well as many others: